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Some of our clients have said that hair loss due to Chemotherapy can be more traumatic than the cancer itself as it is so visual. Some Chemotherapy causes hair loss within two to three weeks after your first dosage, this can cause your scalp to feel tight and tender to the touch and usually means hair will shed over the following few days.

Some of our clients prefer to have their head shaved rather than see the hair fall gradually which can be upsetting. At Pink this option will be discussed with you at your consultation.

I am starting a course of chemotherapy and have been told that the drugs will cause my hair to fall out, when should I start to look for a wig?

We would always advise looking for a wig before starting chemotherapy, as most people want a wig that looks as close to their own hair style and colour as possible, it is important therefore for the stylist to see the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Which are the best synthetic or human hair Wigs?

Some people like the fact with Human Hair you can blow dry, straighten or style it. At Pink we offer a range of maintenance services for your hair and you will be supplied with an aftercare brochure during your visit. Synthetic Wigs are low maintenance and come in a range of styles and colours.

When can I colour my own hair when it returns after my Chemotherapy treatment?

We have been advised by Chemotherapy nurses that six months after your last treatment is a sensible indication of the time you can colour your own hair.

What aftercare is available for my own hair after Chemotherapy treatment?

At Pink we offer a range of products that will assist your hair in returning to its normal condition, these will be discussed with you at your consultation.

What services are offered to me as a Chemotherapy patient?

  • Free Consultations
  • Private styling rooms
  • A full range of synthetic fibre, human hair and custom made hair pieces and wigs
  • Highly experienced stylists
  • Fully disabled access and facilities
  • Head shaving service
  • Wig maintenance & hair growth advice
  • Full range of hats, scarves and bandanas
  • Microscopic hair analysis
  • Mastectomy underwear and swimwear
  • Beauty therapy treatments