What does hair loss mean to us?

Hair is a vital and symbolic aspect of both our conscious and unconscious lives. Beautiful hair denotes vitality, sensuality, health and sexual potency. If we do not have hair we feel deprived of our own life force. Our fascination with hair is primitive and instinctive.

Luxuriant hair is associated with virility and power with qualities, which entrance and bewitch - consider the many traditional cultures, which require women to cover their hair in case men are bewitched by it. Think of the mighty Samson, who fell to his knees when Delilah took the shears to his mane, or the nun who sacrifices not only her life but also her hair.

In some cultures loose and untied flowing hair signifies 'loose' sexual morals. In the Sikh religion, hair has a divine significance and must not be tampered with or cut. Hair should be kept tied up and covered to contain its magical, mystical powers.

During the witch-hunt's of the Middle Ages, women's heads were shaved to render them powerless and during times of war and conflict women who were found to be traitors were shaved in order to shame them and mark them as outcasts.

According to therapist and author Anne Baring, loss of hair therefore signifies, potency and the approach of old age, ill health and death. These 'deeply instinctive feelings and subliminal beliefs' are still present in our conscious and unconscious existence.
Who's Affected?
Men women and children can all be affected by hair loss often caused by one of the following:-
  • Side effects of chemotherapy
  • Alopecia
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Trichotillomania
  • Side effects of prescription drugs such as thyroid drugs or drugs for anaemia
  • Other causes of hair loss be stress or simply old age
Business Awards
News & Events
  • 04.01.2011

    Award Winning Pink

    Pink Hair has won the West Midlands Best Small Business Award 2010. Pink who specialise in offering hair replacement for people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering with alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus or other conditions leading to hair loss, beat off competition from 14 other nominees in this category. The glittering black tie event was held in the Holte Suite of Aston Villa Football Club by Diamond Edge Events, a panel of judges from various industries made the final selection of nominees and winners announced on the night.

    Linda Allan Director said “it is a great honour to win this award, and be recognised for all the hard work and effort that we have put into Pink over the last 3 years”.

    It also offered businesses the chance to raise money for the Midlands Air Ambulance who attended the event to help raise awareness to their cause.

    Pictured from left Sheila Coleman, Kelly Hawkley, Gill Martin, Linda Allan and Anne Canning