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Trichotillomania is a rare impulse control disorder in which the sufferer compulsively pulls out his or her own hair. People with trichotillomania most commonly pull hair from their scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, or pubic area. While most people with trichotillomania pluck each hair out at the roots, others may pull out large handfuls at a time. The direct causes of trichotillomania are unknown, some evidence suggests that trichotillomania may be genetic or the result of a chemical imbalance. Stress is also believed to play a large role, as periods of high stress have been known to heighten the condition.

People with trichotillomania are often embarrassed or ashamed about their behaviour, leading them to hide it from others. Because of this, low self-esteem is very common among sufferers. Furthermore, the compulsive removal of hair can lead to bald patches on the scalp or eyebrows, which contribute to the sufferer's embarrassment and depression.

In some cases, trichotillomania is accompanied by the swallowing of extracted hair. This can result in the formation of a hairball. Hairballs can be extremely dangerous and may require surgery to remove them in order to prevent intestinal blockage.

What options are available to me to cover my hair loss?

Dependant on the amount of hair loss - Mane Spray can be used to give the illusion of full hair coverage and is available in various different colours to match your natural hair colour. If the area of hair loss is too large or affects the style of your hair, a partial or full hair piece could be considered. There are a variety of different types of hair pieces and wigs available we have available for you.